Unlocking Human Intellectual Capital

Brown Keys Consulting is a management consulting/macro-research company based in Tokyo. We have talent from all across the globe.

Management Consulting Business

We have former MBB (McKinsey/Bain/BCG) consultants working to support consulting projects:
New Business Development, Foreign Market Entry, PMO

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Macro Research

We have a professional research team in Sri Lanka working on researching extensively from around the world.
We offer Market Reports, Partner Lists, Startup Lists, etc.

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Our Vision


We currently believe that there is a tremendous amount of intellectual capital buried in developing and third world countries. Unfortunately, it is undervalued as compared to developed nations. We want to unlock this intellectual capital and provide value to our clients and level the playing field across the globe.


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Founded in 2020/11

Address: 107-0062 Tokyo-to Minato-ku 5-9-12, Japan

Runs on Unicorn Platform